Crump Expressway

Post date: Nov 27th 2014

VOTE on Saturday, December 6.

Post date: Oct 29th 2014

VOTE  on Tuesday, November 4. Study those proposed constitutional amendments before going to the polls.

Post date: Sep 26th 2014

Thrive:Please add a nickel to every dollar of this year's financial contribution to make the 2015 budget.  That's what is required.  I've added my nickel to each dollar I have pledged for 2014 and

Post date: Aug 26th 2014

Wholly Unitarian Universalistis our program theme for 2014-15.  Let's dig into our tradition and values.

Post date: Jul 29th 2014

Preliminary Design Presentation, coming to church on Sunday, August 17:Feast your eyes on the general design (exterior campus only) to be unveiled after the second service on 8/17.  We'll be consi

Post date: Jun 27th 2014

Preliminary Design, coming next month: All eyes will be on the design plan coming in August for our church parking lot and Peace Stones.  Our church leaders will present the preliminary d

Post date: May 28th 2014

Moving towards Design:With hopeful anticipation, our Great Expectations Steering team and architect are likely to present a preliminary design for our campus (parking lot, landscaping, and enhance

Post date: May 1st 2014

Breaking News: This summer Matthew Fox is returning to our church.  In partnership with The Red Shoes, our church will again host this creation spirituality mystic speaking on Intergenerational Wisdom and Spiritual

Post date: Mar 26th 2014

Our forest and our campus  ~According to a 7-page arborist report, more than a few trees on our campus are diseased or impaired, meaning we will need to remove and replant trees as we set in motio

Post date: Feb 25th 2014

    A Congregational Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, April 27 to approve a new set of Bylaws for our church and to elect a new Board of Trustees.