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Post date: Mar 28th 2013

Each week we get closer to our goal for the Great Expectations Capital Growth Campaign, but we simply have not heard from everyone.  I remain optimistic, but we need to hear from others who have been in deliberation.  Some memb

Post date: Feb 28th 2013

Look for and listen to selected AUDIO clips from The Ordination Service for The Reverend Nathan Ryan on our website.  It was a grand celebration of exquisite care and feeling in numerous configurations and manifestations –an un

Post date: Jan 28th 2013
We gather for the Ordination of Nathan A. Ryan on Sunday, February 24, at 5:30 p.m.
Post date: Dec 28th 2012

We vote on Sunday, January 27 at 12:45 pm to approve the 2013 operating budget of our church.

Post date: Nov 30th 2012


Post date: Oct 25th 2012

In a capital campaign like the Great Expectation Capital Growth Campaign of our church, individual members, member families, and Friends of the church, are looking to make sacrificial gifts. Several of us are considering:

Post date: Sep 27th 2012


Generosity is the real theme of this campaign –the real theme of our lives.

relationships—This church, your church, will be there for you in more ways than you yet know.

Post date: Aug 24th 2012

At precisely this time of year, in September, I was a candidate for this church.  "An adventure," the search committee promised me along with "great potential for ministry in a fine city."  And it was, still is, and will be.  Last month, a long-term member of the church said to m

Post date: Jul 23rd 2012

We welcome Nathan Ryan, our new Assistant Minister, to our church and open doors of new possibilities for ministry for us all.  You will see from the brief summary of his educational background and parish experience  why the Search Committee unanimously agreed to

Post date: Jun 26th 2012

Clarity on our church projects:  The key elements listed in Mike Hebert's column on this page have been discussed for more than a decade.  Church leaders reconvened after the May congregational meeting and agreed that those priorities as listed would not preclude