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Notes and Beats

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On April 1, we will recognize the 2nd and 3rd graders who have successfully navigated the Roots and Wings program. The choir will sing an anthem “Roots and Wings” as a response to the children’s presentation. The anthem addresses the connection from child to parent, expressing gratitude for the parental care and guidance.

April 8 is Easter and our sanctuary will reverberate with some wonderful and unusual music. Guest violinist Raúl Gómez and cellist Marcelo Vieira will provide instrumental Prelude, Offertory and Flower Distribution music for our services. Both musicians are from Brazil, and are classically trained, but they add layers of improvisation to their music and they work in dialogue with each other in a unique and delightful way.

The Adult Choir has been rehearsing an anthem, Alleluia, composed by Ralph Manuel. The sound flows in rich harmonies and intricate rhythms. We look forward to singing this work for the Easter Services.

On April 15, the Goodwood Ringers will ring the Prelude, Interlude and the Offertory. The morning may have some surprises as the music is rung.

The Passages Class is rehearsing with Marie Flowers to prepare the music for services on April 22.

Sue Brys returns to provide special piano music for the service on April 29.