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Notes and Beats

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May is going to be a month of vocal music from many different sources in our church community. 

Cathy McManus has been working with different RE classes to prepare them to sing a song on the Sundays when they do their RE presentations.   This will give each group the opportunity to sing something special this spring.  The younger children will sing on May 6, and the 4th-7th will sing on May 13.  

Also on May 13, Mother’s Day, the adult choir will sing John Rutter’s “I Will Sing with the Spirit.”  

May 20 is the Sunday that we hear from the Passages and Senior Youth classes.  Marie Flowers will be directing this group. 

I am grateful to have both Cathy and Marie available to assist with the Children and Youth Choirs.   This congregation has so many musicians and it is wonderful to hear them as they take part in Music Program.  

Our Annual Music Sunday is scheduled for June 3, (9:30 and 11:15).  Again, the choir will sing favorite anthems from this past year.  All of us will sing some hymns that are favorites and some that are new.   Related poetry along with readings about the anthems or about the experience of singing will balance the service.    Since our music Sunday of 2011, our choir has grown by 8 people.  Our church now has a 40- voice choir and you are invited to hear us and sing with us on June 3.

If you are in the building on Wednesday evenings, you have probably heard the members of the Baton Rouge Recorder Society playing.  Some weeks the group is small and is made up of the more experienced players.  They are opening some of the weeks to new members, people who want to learn to play recorder.   If you are interested in learning to play, or would like more information please email Marvin Bishop at The recorders have been rehearsing here for at least 25 years and a few times a year they provide music for our Sunday services.