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Notes and Beats

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The Tapestry of LifeAnnual Music Sunday on June 3.   All of the events of our lives can be seen as threads that make up a tapestry of our life.   Using favorite anthems from this past season along with some favorite or soon to be favorite songs from Singing the Journey, we weave a musical tapestry.   Several choir members share their personal thoughts about the music we are singing. 


On Sunday June 10, guitarist, singer-songwriter, Barbie Williamson, from Lubbock, TX brings her music to share and to enhance our Pride service. Barbie Williamson is a singer/songwriter in the Americana/Folk tradition. Playing primarily the 12-string guitar, her melodies are enchanting; her voice, gentle; her lyrics, potent and living words that penetrate into the deepest places inside of you. Some have called her a Song Whisperer.


Saturday evening, June 16, at 7:30 PM we host the New Orleans Gay Men’s Chorus. This year they celebrate their 30th Anniversary. Performer Varla Jean Merman joins them.  Tickets are $25 and include a complementary beverage.


Vocalist Helen Hoffpauir brings some of her favorite Randy Newman songs to the June 17 Father’s Day services.


On June 24, we will hear and sing an unusual mixture of music to complement the service.