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Notes and Beats

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August Sundays begin with the Gospel Service on August 5, with Marie Flowers directing the Gospel Choir and Everrett Parker accompanying.  Marie has put together a wonderful variety of music that illustrates the transcending power of Gospel Music.  

On August 12, our music will be by women composers and songwriters, played and sung by women from the choir and congregation.

Our Homecoming and Ingathering Service on August 19 heralds the end of summer holiday and the beginning of the church year.   The Adult choir will sing for this service and for the Water Ritual on August 26. 

Adult Choir members, mark your calendars:

  • On August 15, we begin our regular Wednesday evening rehearsals from 6:30 until 8:00.  
  • On August 25, our Annual Choir Retreat from 9:00 until 1:00.   This year we again meet for a few minutes with our Senior Minister, we do a period of stretches and we will do vocal technique with Joseph (Skip) Harris.    We will have a break for some refreshments and fellowship, but this year we will not do lunch.  

Our annual Jazz Worship Service is September 2, Labor Day Weekend.