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Notes and Beats

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Our church year has begun and the Sunday before Labor Day our Jazz Worship Service.  Again this year we hear guest instrumentalists along with vocalists from our congregation. 


On September 9, Eric Liffmann returns with his classical guitar and music for the services.  


On September 16, the Adult Choir sings music to honor Rosh Hashanah.


On September 30 we are planning music with impact, music for celebration.  The choir will sing an anthem with a gospel swing. 


I attended the annual UU Musician’s Network conference held in Tulsa.  We sang some wonderful music, worked with a great clinician, participated in a variety of worship services, and of course connected with colleagues who share similar musical situations in their churches.  


Our District Executive, Susan Smith led us in a very engaging daylong workshop for our Professional Day.  Because the conference was held in our district, many of the Southwestern churches were able to send their musicians to the conference.   It is very exciting to learn that more and more churches in our district are hiring musicians to enhance their worship services and that these musicians are becoming active in UUMN. 


After the conference I flew to Washington state to Orcas Island to rest and relax.   Excitement there is when a small deer wanders under the deck, when a squirrel scolds the household cat, when a hummingbird sits on the deck fence for about a minute, when the nighthawks are out, or when the wind goes through the pine trees.  This was exactly the level of excitement I needed at the end of a busy spring and summer.   The calm of the mountains fed my spirit and helped me prepare for the coming church year.