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Notes and Beats

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Signs of autumn in my yard are quiet but very exciting.

> My lemon tree has outdone itself this year, and there must be

about 50 lemons on it. The tree is small and the branches are

leaving over because the fruit is heavy.

> The red spider lilies are springing out of their hiding places.

They seem to migrate around the yard because they rarely appear

in the same place from year to year.

> Spiders are making very intricate and large webs around the

yard. The webs are full of fresh catch and sometimes the owner

is home.

> We hear the great horned owls, but I don’t see them perched on

the pecan tree limbs this fall. The jays and crows seem to have

pushed them out of my yard.

Music in October includes the choir singing a favorite, “Night

Blooming Jasmine” on October 7. (The one in my yard has been

blooming on and off since June)

On October 14, singer, songwriter, guitarist Kevin Johnson

returns to play some original music that fits with the theme of creativity.

The weekend of October 21, the choir sings a piece that was

written to honor Yoshi Hattori and his family. We sing in

Japanese, accompanied by both the piano and the keyboard.

A vocal ensemble will sing on October 28.