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Notes and Beats

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When November comes around, gratitude becomes an important word. Right now I am very grateful for the cool days and breezes that make it possible to do my work on the patio. The usual assortment of squirrels and birds, along with cats stirring up the mix keeps the yard active and busy.

I am very grateful to this church and the opportunity to serve as your music director. This is a congregation of musical talent and appreciation. One of our strengths is our congregational singing. It is wonderful to hear the voices combine to sing our hymns.

The music for the November services will include two favorites from the Adult Choir on November 4.

We will hear the Wilkinson family singing for the services on November 11. With John Wilkinson on guitar and Cathy McManus and Loren Wilkinson singing, we are in for a treat.

The Adult Choir will return on November 18 with an anthem by Anton Dvorak. We will also hear the Senior Youth Choir.