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Why dedicate your children.

 A child dedication is set for Sunday, December 20, for both services. Call or send me an email to dedicate your child. We don’t often articulate why to dedicate your children to the Unitarian Universalist church. Instead of a long narrative explaining all the reasons why, here is a quick list of what I got from being raised a Unitarian Universalist. Dedicating your children to the faith means ritualistically recognizing that they might have similar experiences. 

 Because I was raised UU I have a sense of peace with my religious upbringing.

 Because I was raised UU I know that I was not born evil or in sin.

 Because I was raised UU I don’t worry about what will happen to me when I die.

 Because I was raised UU I have only known one faith.

 Because I was raised UU my parents worried that they had picked a religion for me and not given me the option to explore all faiths like they had done in their adulthood.

 Because I was raised UU I have a career, a calling, and a family.

 Because I was raised UU I know that the world is on a perpetual path of healing and reconciliation.

 Because I was raised UU I struggled when I was a kid to tell other people what my religion was.

 Because I was raised UU I constantly have to tell other adults that I never picked this religion, it was the religion picked for me.

 Because I was raised UU I don’t have the baggage that comes from unlearning bigotry disguised as religion.

 Because I was raised UU I have friends all over the country.

 Because I was raised UU I was encouraged to discover who I really was.