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Social Justice and Outreach

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     The Reproductive Justice movement has expanded the pro-choice movement from a focus on abortion issues that marginalizes poor women and women of color to encompass a much broader scope of women's reproductive rights. Reproductive justice attempts to move women's reproductive rights past a legal and political debate to incorporate the economic, social and health factors that impact women's reproductive choices and decision-making ability. The reproductive justice movement, in its efforts to illuminate these issues, challenges the right to privacy framework established by Roe v. Wade that was predicated on the notion of choice in reproductive decision-making, and in effect turns the focus of reproductive decision-making away from one centered on civil rights toward that of human rights. Please see sign up sheet at the social justice table between services for the reproductive justice workshop to be held in April, facilitated by Holley G. Haymaker and Clyde Johnson. For more information email Holley at

      Together Baton Rouge is beginning our We the People District Strategy. There was a strategy meeting in January and there is a February meeting planned. Watch your newsletter for date and time. The regular lunch meeting will be February 16. Location TBA.

      A company in Colfax Louisiana, ironically called Clean Harbors Colfax, is asking to expand its permit to openly burn 2 million pounds of toxic waste in Colfax. Please consider sending comments to DEQ in opposition to this terribly detrimental assault on our environment and the health of our citizens. DEQ is allowing public comment up until a hearing on February 23. Comments can be submitted to DEQ by email at Stop by the Social Justice table on Sunday mornings to pick up a form that can be used for ideas on what to say and/or to mail in your comments if you prefer. All comments should include the Clean Harbors Colfax permit number LAD981055791-OP-RN-MO-1 and the Agency Interest (A.I.) number: 32096.

       Our shared offering for February will go to Dialogue on Race, which is dedicated to the elimination of Racism through education, action, and transformation. It is a membership association that brings together organizations, businesses, and individuals that have similar goals of working to end the racial divide.10311 Jefferson Highway Suite B1 Baton Rouge, La.

  Bobby Thompson, Director of Social Justice