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Music Updates

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         In June, a small ensemble of church members will help us celebrate pride Sunday with our favorite pride songs.

         Those who are interested in singing in the gospel service on August 7 should note that the rehearsals for the gospel choir begin on Wednesday, July 13. They will run for four weeks and include a Saturday practice on August 6. Marie Flowers will again direct this service. Joining the gospel choir is a really fun experience with a great group of people and great music! If you don't normally have time to sing with the adult choir during the school year, consider trying gospel choir this summer. Gospel choir is open to all. 

        There are openings in the schedule for flowers this summer. If you have a special occasion to commemorate or a loved one to honor, consider signing up to bring flowers for a Sunday service. More information and sign up sheets can be found on Sunday mornings in the Fellowship Hall.    Leah Hartman, Music Program Director and Trey Davis, Choral Director, June 1, 2016