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      The crisis is over, but the crisis isn’t over. As this region continues its recovery, and as you continue your recovery – whether it is from the flood, the shootings, something more personal, or all of the above – please be mindful of where you are spiritually, emotionally and physically.  Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed people acting similar to how someone acts a few months after a death: after the family and friends have gone home, after the casseroles, calls and cards stop coming in.

    People seem to be more lethargic, less punctual, quicker to anger, and a little more sensitive. One church member said that because of these traumas everyone’s glass is already 40% full. It can’t take on the same capacity as it normally can.

    We never “get over” a death. Instead, we find ways to understand what living in this new world looks like. This work takes time and a lot of emotional and spiritual time and energy. This is similar to how people are responding to this summer. The immediate crisis is over, but I don’t think we have figured out what this new normal is. So as you go through this work, please be aware, and patient and kind to yourself and each other.