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    You might not be able to see it anymore. The scars may not be visible. You may not think there is anything else to talk about regarding this past summer. But please remember that when people go through trauma, when people flood, when people see a surge in justice suppression, or simply feel at risk, it takes a long time for things to go back to normal. More accurately, it takes longer for things to readjust to this new normal.

     In the fall I noticed people having a hard time committing to anything. I noticed Roots classes with sparse attendance, church services where the majority was late. Most committees and teams had a hard time finding a time to get together. People seemed distracted.

    This spring I’ve noticed a rush of energy. I’ve noticed people trying to do all of the laundry and dishes that had been piling up since last fall (metaphorically, of course…I hope). I’ve noticed people with shorter fuses, people acting as if there is an urgency to everything. I’ve noticed that I am not as forgiving or patient as I want to be.

     Readjusting to new worlds takes time. Readjusting after a death, or after a loss, or after a relapse takes time. This is the period in our region’s recovery where there is no presenting issue. It’s the equivalent to someone who had a knee replacement, has gone through the rehab and physical therapy, but is frustrated that s/he still can’t fully bend her/his knee.

     It will take time. It will take intention. Please be kind to each other. Please avoid a hardening heart. Please stay open to where you are, where we are, and where we need to get to.