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I wanted to write this article about how anxious I am about having a child and how grateful I am that this congregation granted me paternity leave. I wanted to express all of my thoughts about the spiritual revelation of seeing the creation of new life, regardless of whether it's biological, adopted, or conceptual. 

I wanted to write this article about how grateful I was for all of the help I got while Steve was on sabbatical. I wanted to thank this congregation for its generosity towards me as I was busier than ever. I wanted to thank the paid and volunteer staff for stepping up. 

I wanted to write this article about so many things that make me feel good, but this month I can't. 

This month marks one year since our hell summer. We are not where we need to be. There is still no justice for the Sterling family. I can't imagine black families feel substantially safer. I can't imagine the families and friends of the slain officers have found solace. Many people still aren't in their homes. Even though many have new things, they will never have the things they chose to connect them to the world.

Ask anyone who is grieving a death: anniversaries are hard. We have all been through significant trauma, some more than others. Please take care of yourself. Please take care of each other.