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95 more Theses

by The Reverend Nathan A. Ryan

 1. I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing

 2. It’s OK that we don’t exactly know what we’re doing

 3. Say Yes to life

 4. Sit in the front row sometimes!

 5. Your time is holy

 6. We need more art in the church

 7. Seek out the abstract

 8. Trust your emotions

 9. Live in the ambiguous middle

10. We must grapple with the uncertain

11. There is more love somewhere

12. There is more hope somewhere

13. There is more peace somewhere

14. There is more joy somewhere

15. There is no hell

16. Death is peaceful

17. You should be comforted in hard times

18. All will be well

19. The only promise in the afterlife is unending love

20. We must make sense of the in-between

21. Think beyond yourself

22. Everything we have isn’t entirely ours

23. We owe a debt to all we have yet to meet

24. We must plant trees for people we don’t know

25. We aren’t yet living in the world we deserve

26. Let your light shine

27. Let your light shine

28.Let your light shine

29. Love your neighbor as yourself

30. Love god with all your heart and soul

31. All people are unique

32. You are not defined by your racial and cultural constructs

33. You are a part of your racial and cultural constructs

34. We must acknowledge and celebrate all cultures

35. Name what we see

36. We will be pulled towards justice

37. Every person is born good

38. You have a piece of the trust

39. We are all temporarily able bodied

40. Celebrate hypocrisy

41. This is a sanctuary from heartache, but not from people

42. We have beliefs!

43. We drew a circle and took them in

44. Love every person

45. Do it for the love of all people

46. Ensure all people are able to fully and responsibly express their gender, sexual, and cultural identities

47. Be the person you were born to be.

48. This is a religion!

49. Respect the inherent worth and dignity of every person

50. We should have justice, equity and compassion in human relations

51. Accept one another and encourage spiritual growth

52. Have a free and responsible search for truth

53. We have the right of conscience and should use the democratic process

54. World community should have peace, liberty, and justice for all

55. Respect the interdependent web of all existence

56. Do the work beforehand

57. Share everything

58. Play fair

59. Don’t hit people

60. Put things back where you found them

61. Clean up your own mess

62. Don’t take things that aren’t yours

63. Say you’re sorry when you hurt someone

64. Wash your hands before you eat

65. Flush 

66. Warm Cookies and (almond) milk are good for you

67. Live a balanced life

68. Take a nap every afternoon

69. When you go out into the world watch out for traffic

70. Hold hands and stick together. 

71. Be aware of wonder. 

72. Goldfish and hamsters and white mice all die, so do we.

73. Love and justice begets love and justice

74.Love the hell out of the world

75. Being alive is a beautiful gift worthy of celebration

76. How can I keep from singing?

77. How can I keep from singing?

78. How can I keep from singing?

79. How can I keep from singing?

80. It requires personal connections

81. Love the hell out of every person you meet

82. Responsibly enjoy life

83. Be generous

84. Do justice. 

85. Love kindness. 

86. Walk humbly with your god

87. We are called to be light for each other

88. We are called to act with justice

89. We are called to love tenderly

90. We are called to serve one another

91. Walk humbly with god

92. Show your mercy to all those in fear

93. Sing!

94. Walk with each other as sisters and brothers united in love

95. You Are Not Alone!