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One day I will see my last sunset. I may or may not know it is my last. Every one of us is given no promise except that one sunset will be our last. I fear that making this observation is morbid. I don’t see it that way. It is a simple observation of fact.  The key is whether or not we are transformed by the observation of fact. Not everyone was able to join us in this new-year. Some left us with tears, memories and heartbreak. How we cope with this perpetual reality is the work of our lives.  I cope by inverting it. For example, I’m pretty certain that one day I will go to a doctor’s visit and get devastating news. Until that time I will take every other doctor visit as good news. Every morning I am gifted (because I did nothing to earn it) with another sunrise is an opportunity for me to be appreciative.  For those of us (lucky enough to be) gifted with a new year, may it be a blessing. For those who are without someone you love joining you in the new-year, may you find comfort and love. May we all choose to make this world better because we exist.