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Associate Minister's Column

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    As I’m sure most of you know by now Steve has announced his retirement. You should know that Steve is a tremendous minister, and I am lucky to have worked with him. It is rare to find a minister with such a strong combination of caring, vision and a commitment to shared ministry. I have no doubt that this congregation’s success is due to the long-term and healthy relationship between you and Steve.

    The position of associate minister is always an awkward one as it relates to a senior minister’s retirement. I’ve talked with a number of colleagues who have been in a similar situation. While there are a variety of different models for navigating this transition depending on congregation, relationships, culture and intention, the most consistent feedback I’ve received is that the whole thing is awkward. That is just a natural part of a transition like this.

    I imagine some of you are curious about the process as it relates to my ministry. First the board and the search committee must do their work.

    The most honest answer I can give, and likely one you will hear me repeat over and over, is: I love this church, and I want what is best for you and it. It will take some time and patience to figure out what is best for this church, and until then we will all have to wait. The process is important. I trust the process. A good process is the first step in a vital and thriving ministry.