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   It is officially hurricane season. Make sure you are prepared. Get your candles, batteries, and make a plan for getting gas and where you’ll evacuate if you need to. For most of us who have been through a few hurricane seasons, this is all pretty standard. We prepare for what is coming knowing that it likely will not come. We do not (usually) get too anxious until we get a weather report that a storm is in the gulf AND it has a pretty good chance of turning towards Louisiana.

   I recently talked with a Louisiana-raised colleague who serves in a region of the country not accustomed to preparing for disasters. Her congregation had a severe weather event (sadly, these are becoming all too common). She reflected on how hard it was for them to prepare for the evacuation. Without the years of practice she had growing up during hurricane seasons, they had a hard time knowing how to engage with the threat:  when to be anxious, when to wait, when to pack, when to cook, when to relax, when to panic, etc. 

   With Steve’s completion of his full time ministry, or any transition in your life, I’m sure some of you are picturing the worst. That’s ok. It’s natural to worry about the unknown. But much like a hurricane season, it’s most likely that everything will be fine. It just means that we should prepare.

   This church is preparing for the transition. The board has come up with a plan, and will continue to share it periodically during worship, in the newsletter, and at congregational meetings. They are listening to you. They already have a timeline, an interim search committee, and a plan for a senior minister search committee. The staff is preparing by prioritizing programs and stability. We are intentionally being available to anyone who would like to talk.

   It is natural for this transition to bring about grief. Often grief reminds us of past grief. That’s natural and OK. I share all of this with you because the idea of the difference between hurricane season and a hurricane is important. We prepare, but rest assured that all will be OK.