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Music Updates

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June begins with the New Orleans Gay Men's Concert on June 2, 7:30pm. The theme this summer is Big Apple/Big Easy. For tickets or more information, visit

June 17 is Pride Sunday, and the annual Pride choir will sing two songs in honor of the occasion.

Gospel choir will begin rehearsals on Wednesday, July 11, 6:30pm so plan ahead if you'd like to participate in this fun summer music-making experience.

The gospel services will be August 5. 

The adult choir of UCBR is planning a retreat on September 8 from 9am to noon. The retreat is open to all, even to those who aren't regular members of the choir. We'll have breakfast and play games, sing a lot (of course), learn some new vocal warm-ups, generally just enjoy each other's company. Come and experience the joy of singing with a community of welcoming choir folks. For questions or more information:

If you're interested in honoring a loved one or a special occasion, consider providing flowers for the church services. Quite a few spots are open during the summer months, starting July 29th. Sign up at the table in the fellowship hall on Sunday mornings.

~Leah Hartman, Music Program Director and Trey Davis, Choral Director