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Social Justice and Outreach

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    Our first service project especially planned to give children in Religious Education the opportunity to experience volunteer service along with their parents was a great success. Four UCBR families prepared "Bags of Hope" at the St. Vincent de Paul dining room on May 12. Our families totaled 14 volunteers and included Kerry and Tamara Hebert and daughters Annabelle and Carrie; Jerry Gilbert and Susan Mitchell and son Dylan; Rob Johnson and Tania Nyman and sons Aiden and Parrish; Ann and Myriah Mengelson-Clark and son Ryan.  Thanks, volunteers, for representing our church at this service project that provides evening meals to homeless and others who eat the daily lunchtime meal at the St. Vincent de Paul dining room.   Leslie Grover and son Ethan, and Heather Jahnke and daughter Lizzie also eagerly volunteered but were unable to serve because of unexpected last-minute conflicts. Thanks to Director of Family Ministry Kathy Smith for her support of the project and assistance in providing information about the service opportunity to parents of RE children. 

    The next  "Bags of Hope" opportunity will be in early 2019 and will be an all-church volunteer service that can include children over 6 with a parent, Senior Youth are also engaged in this service to the community.    

~Becky Cureau, Director of Outreach


Our shared offering for the month of June is Dialogue on Race, an organization that provides a safe space for honest discussion on the issue of racism.  It's an important step in a journey toward enlightenment, understanding and the elimination of racism from our society.

A separate committee of SJT has been working on the editing of the church's social justice history and is close to the end of their work.  When all corrections have been made and the group is satisfied with their product, the committee will turn over to the ministers its work and its recommendations for whatever will be the final product for the church.

Over the summer members of the SJT are looking into a mentoring program with Youth Oasis that is presently being developed.  Another group is also looking into a possible fund raising idea for Puerto Rico.  In each case should specific plans get developed for UCBR consideration, the team will work on advertising the ideas and getting active groups underway.

2018 Baton Rouge Pride Fest is Saturday, June 16 from 12:00 - 7:00 at the Raising Cane's River Center Arena.  We are looking for volunteers to develop our table decorations and handouts.  We will have a sign up sheet after services the next two Sundays for our team to man the UCBR table that day and to help with developing our presence at the event.  Please contact Jane Webb ( if you would like to assist our team.  We have a long history of involvement in this wonderful event and would like to see numbers and an impressive showing this year.

The Social Justice Team will not be meeting over the summer, but will stay in touch with our ongoing undertakings.  This is a breather during which we hope to gather our thoughts and ideas into solid plans for the fall and winter.  Our next meeting will be late August or early September.

~Bobby Thompson, Director of Social Justice

~Jane Webb, co Chair