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Associate Minister's Column

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Last month our Unitarian Universalist General Assembly was held in Kansas City, Missouri. Four of your staff and three of our church members attended. In no particular order here are some brief observations and take aways from our faith's annual gathering:

 * Our faith is firmly committed to racial reconciliation and a more just world.

 * Our people really love singing Life Calls Us On.

 * Kansas City uses a lot of air-conditioning... Everywhere!

 * Please watch the Sunday morning worship sermon by our president, Susan Frederick-Gray and the Ware Lecture by, Brittany Packnett (it's super easy, just Google them. You can see them on YouTube).

 * If you add the church as a benefactor in your will, our congregation in Shelter Rock will send a check to the church for 10% of the total amount until all the funds are spent. More on this very soon.

 * There is a lot of interest in the interim minister position amongst the clergy. I feel more confident than ever that there will be a very strong pool of applicants. 

 * We are doing a lot of things right in our church. We are a model for much of the denomination. 

 * There is something powerful about experiencing our faith among thousands of fellow travelers. If you have not added GA to your bucket list, do it.  Next year it will be in Spokane, WA.