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Music Updates

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UCBR's own Marie Flowers will again direct the annual gospel choir. The choir will begin rehearsals on Wednesday, July 11 at 6:30 pm, so plan ahead if you'd like to participate in this fun summer music-making experience. The gospel services will be August 5 

The adult choir of UCBR is planning a retreat on September 8 from 9 am to noon. The retreat is open to all, even to those who aren't regular members of the choir. We'll have breakfast and play games, sing a lot (of course), learn some new vocal warm-ups, and enjoy each other's company. Come and experience the joy of singing with a community of welcoming choir folks. For questions or more information:

If you're interested in honoring a loved one or a special occasion, consider providing flowers for the church services. Quite a few spots are open during the late summer and early fall Sign up at the table in the fellowship hall on Sunday mornings.

~Leah Hartman, Music Program Director and Trey Davis, Choral Director