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Social Justice and Outreach

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Our church was well represented when 20 volunteers served at the Holy Grill during our recent week of service.   Volunteers from our church serve the daily lunchtime meal twice each year in rotation with volunteers of member congregations of the Interfaith Federation of Greater Baton Rouge, which has continuously provided this service in the low-income area of Zion City in North Baton Rouge since 1987.  The volunteers from "the church that shows up" who served during our service from May 29 to June 1 included Suzanne Besse, Gisele Boudreau, Becky Cureau, Warren Fraser, Kelli Gilbert, Liz Hamlin, Rosalind Hebert, Sandy Hubbard, Ron Juneau, Nancy Kunen, David Lindenfeld, Joy McCord, Sam McCord, Jim O'Neill, Vera O'Neill, Melanie Pryer, Kristina St. George, William Stouffer, Carolyn Stutts & Henry Tillman.  Thanks, Volunteers, for serving on behalf of our church.

Our next service will be serving lunch and distributing "Bags of Hope" at the St. Vincent de Paul dining room in August.  Be on the lookout for sign-up in late July. In addition to our periodic on-site volunteer services, the Food Cart represents our on-going partnership with the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank in helping to feed the hungry in our community.  Please continue to contribute staple food items to the Food Cart to help fill the increased needs during the summer months.  

~Becky Cureau, Director of Outreach

Our shared offering for the month of July is the Interfaith Federation of Greater Baton Rouge.  The mission of the Federation is to pursue unity, justice, and peace through interfaith cooperation.  Through the efforts of our own Becky Cureau, the 2018 president, we support the pursuits of the Interfaith Federation throughout the year.   Please give generously.

The work of the committee editing the Social Justice Timeline for UCBR is nearing completion.  By the end of the summer it should be in the hands of the ministers and ready for its final presentation formats.  Many thanks to Dave Comeaux, MaryEllyn Hale, Janet Moulder, Mija and Bobby Thompson, and Jane Webb for their five months of research and editing.  But many more thanks are due to all of you who contributed to our editing process with your time and attention to detail, with your stories and clarifications.  This has been a rewarding undertaking first begun by Maida Owens whose efforts grew from the Beloved Conversations timelines

Over this summer, several items are under consideration and review by various members of the Social Justice Team.  Hopefully we will have some projects ready for consideration by the late August/ early September meeting.

The 2018 Baton Rouge Pride Fest was a wonderful success and truly a group effort for UCBR.  We had new t-shirts printed and they have all sold, much of that due to the efforts of Janet Moulder.  Our table set up was not easy, but Lisa Prejean and Karen Callender still managed to pull out a half table and get us going.  The march was well attended by UCBR and Nathan Ryan was a speaker. 

The nicest additions to this year's effort were Kathy Smith and the RE middle and senior youth, both kids and parents, who helped staff our table and did a marvelous face painting job as well. 

Thanks to Capi Landreneau, who helped pull together the t-shirt order and contributed buttons to the handouts. Thanks to Tam Le who contributed stickers and handouts as well as some tote sacks.  Finally, thanks to Janet and Robin Moulder who took care getting the church banner to and from the event, and to Don Hoppe for helping us locate the other banners as well.  Table workers:  Lisa Prejean, Karen Callender, Mija and Bobby Thompson, Jaidyn Bryant, Kathy Smith, Joy and Sam McCord, Betty Powers and Kathy Smith who also took down our table after 5pm. Truly this was a group effort.

The next meeting of the Social Justice Team will be in late August or early September.

~Bobby Thompson, Director of Social Justice

~Jane Webb, Co-chair