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August 2018 Music Updates

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August begins with the annual gospel service on August 5. Marie Flowers is the director for the gospel choir again this year, and will be joined by Ross Hoppe on piano. 

The annual ingathering service will be on August 12, with the adult choir returning from the summer break. The choir will sing again on August 26 as well.

The adult choir of UCBR is planning a retreat on September 8 from 9 am to noon. The retreat is open to all, even to those who aren't regular members of the choir. We'll have breakfast and play games, sing a lot (of course), learn some new vocal warm-ups, generally just enjoy each other's company. Come and experience the joy of singing with a community of welcoming choir folks. For questions or more information:

~Leah Hartman, Music Program Director and Trey DavisChoral Director