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September 2018 Associate Minister

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Five things to do when talking about your faith with someone else.

  1. Listen. Listen to what the people have to say. Listen to what cultures they value. Listen to where they come from. Do not listen with any intent to con convert. Do your work to help know them better. You won’t make a plant grow by pulling on it. You can, however, provide the soil and the sun and then allow God, or nature or whatever, to do its work on the plant.

  2. Try. When you fail, fail better. Because failure is a part of being human, expect it to happen. This is something that is hard for me as someone who comes out of a perfectionist culture, but that makes it all the more important.

  3. Think about all of your religious work as hospitality work. Make space in your religious home for a guest, especially for a guest in need, a guest who you might think you disagree with, or a guess who you found some need to distance yourself from. However you engage with the world, do it out of hospitality.

  4. Absolutely be yourself. Trust that who you are – your experiences, your passions, and your failures – is enough. Trust that if you’ve done your discernment work, that being yourself is enough to transform other people’s lives.

  5. Pass on your light. If you are intentional and careful you can pass on your light without putting yours out. Share who you are. Share your passion and your love with every person you meet. Go love the hell out of some people.