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December 2018 Crump Expressway

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Remember to VOTE in the December 8 state-wide elections.

Memories, wow. You have them and so do I. I remember the late Jean Davis, church secretary, the only other paid staff person at the church when I arrived in January 1983, giving me a new copy of Webster's dictionary. She thought I would need it and she was correct. She was, to my knowledge, the only church member who timed each element of the worship service. She certainly was the only member to turn in the timings. She instructed me to call the duplicator by its rightful name, not mimeograph machine. I learned in my first ministry in Illinois how to use and clean one, a skill that was useful here in Baton Rouge. Recently, I ran across an old bottle of that thick, bluey correction fluid. Those were the days, my friends. In the late 80's, the days before downloadable fonts, I purchased HP font cartridges to use with my desk jet printer.

Hard stop. I'm not going to do much more of this reminiscing stuff, except to say, thank you for the privilege to have served here. I never thought I'd stay 36 years. The priest down the street serving at St. Luke's at the time said to me when I first arrived that if a minister stays long enough, almost anything can be accomplished. Those were the days when conventional wisdom suggested that long pastorates were anything but helpful. Alban Institute launched a study to prove the point and found counter-indicators in their research. In time, they were leading seminars on the mutual benefits of long pastorates. How sweet, I think to myself today, and, a bit self-serving, don't you think, my mentioning this now? But if it is true that ministry is co-creation and mutually beneficial, then I think congregation and ministers grow mutually and developmentally or they do not grow at all. Self-serving or not, that's a compliment right back at you, congregation.

Leave-taking timing is everything in life. The congregation is in a strong position to become a regional presence that it is on the cusp of becoming. Give of your time and resources. Stay in covenant. And meet face-to-face –the quintessential quality of community and the reason a good church will have a great future.

Useful Anytime words ~

All that is, is the result of what we have thought. -The Buddha

I’ll tell you a big secret, my friend: Don’t wait for the Last Judgment. It happens every day. -Albert Camus

The Buddha was asked, ‘Are you God?’ ‘No,’ he answered. ‘Well, then, what are you?’ ‘Awake,’ said the Buddha.

People are used by 24 hours. I use 24 hours. -Chao-chou

The most dangerous thing in the world is to think you understand something. -Zen Saying

The way to make your dreams come true is to wake up. -Phil Jackson

A Blast from the Past ~ "They're still going on." That's what the children entering the Assembly Room said in hushed tones to each other years ago when the adults were worshipping there, years before the current sanctuary was built.The children were waiting for their parents to file out onto the patio (the playground now) for the coffee hour. I smile even now as I think of these children, now all adults, who did not realize their prophetic whispers carried into our service."They're still going on," is a prophetic blessing. We must endure and thrive with confidence, dedication, determination, and faith. Destiny calls us to transform the world.I humbly count myself among the dreamers. We have not fully accomplished what dreamers dream for this church. Adieu and Godspeed.