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December 2018 Social Justice by Jane Webb

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Our shared offering for the month of December is the Holy Grill of the Interfaith Federation. Monday through Thursday, hot, nutritious lunches are prepared at the Interfaith Federation office by Tonia Causey, transported to Cadillac St. Park, and served by volunteers from 20 faith communities. Tonia has served as the Holy Grill cook and coordinator for 25 years. Her red beans and rice are famous! As we collect gifts for the children of the Cadillac Street Park Kids Cafe and plan their Christmas party, please be generous in the full knowledge of the wonderful work of the Interfaith Federation.

The gifts for the Kid's Cafe/Holy Grill Children should be returned, wrapped, with the child's name and family number clearly visible. Nancy Kunen and Melonie Pryer will see to the delivery of the gifts to the Federation office in the second week of December.

The Christmas Party plans have been developed by Tam Le. The party will be Friday, December 14, 5:00 p.m., at the Cadillac St. Park. A committee is being pulled together to finalize decorations and organize delivery of games, balloons, foods and drinks for the party. It will be necessary to decorate and prep for some of this in advance, so Jane Webb is asking for a group to work on this pre-party effort Thursday, December 13 at the church. If you are interested in helping with this prep work, and/or if you would like to be part of the actual party crew, please contact Jane (324-3191) or Tam (985-859-7654). There are a lot of moving pieces to pull off another wonderful event.

The Walls Project/ MLK Festival of Service meetings have continued with regular attendance by Judith CormierMiJa Thompson, and Jane Webb. Things are looking good and some areas of specific involvement possibilities for our church are opening up. There should be information at the Social Justice Table by mid December, but some areas to keep in mind would be prep work and manning information stands along Winborne Ave. Friday, Saturday and Sunday before the Festival, Monday, January 21, 2019. Pat LuDuff and Jane Webb, with the assistance of Ellen Edmonston, are working on a detailed food and supply donations list. It is another area where you may be able to help if you have contacts. Specifically we need sandwich and fresh fruit trays, bags of chips, peanut or cheese cracker packs, hand sanitizer in both small and large bottles, and trash bags. If you want to be part of the art the art projects this year, your best bet is to begin attending the planning sessions, December 11, January 8 and January 15. Remember that the prep work for the actual painting and planting will occur the Friday, Saturday and Sunday before the Festival. Judith Cormier (225-400-9394) is your best contact for the Howell Park planting as she has worked closely with that particular committee. Finally, many thanks to MiJa Thompson who took care of getting our church logo to Casey Phillips. We are now an officially recognized sponsor of this event.

The work of this committee in December will focus on the Kids Cafe Christmas Party, the Walls Project Planning, and Days for Girls. Our next Social Justice Meeting will be January 6 and Bobby Thompson will see to the list of 2019 Shared offerings to be discussed and recommended. Also, final details on the UCBR involvement in the MLK Festival of Service will be determined.