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January 2019 Crump Expressway

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the last column from The Reverend Dr. Steve J. Crump, minister emeritus

    Thank you is the best prayer that anyone can utter.  Thank you to this congregation and the congregations I served in Illinois and Iowa in a remarkable profession to which I was called and endeavored to serve honorably and joyfully.

    Thank you for conferring minister emeritus. Thank you for the privilege of serving. Thank you for sharing your lives. Thank you for supporting a fine church.

    Thank you is the prayer I utter as I exit on January 6, the date after which I will no longer be your Senior Minister or Ministry Team Leader. That date marks 40 years (plus 6 days) in the parish ministry (4 years in IL and IA, plus 36 years in Baton Rouge).

    Turns out I was correct about my hunch, nearly a year ago, when I wrote that there would hardly be enough time for me to name the blessings I have received in this ministry to three congregations whose members all had one feature in common:  they all lived, or are living still, in close proximity to a mighty river that floweth to the sea.

Adieu, Godspeed, Amen, So be it. 

Yours in Gratitude,