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January 2019 Social Justice by Jane Webb

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Our shared offering for the month of January is Dialogue on Race, a dialogue that provides a safe space for honest discussion on the issue of racism. It's an important step in a journey toward enlightenment, understanding and the elimination of racism from our society. Please give generously to support this continued effort in our community.

The Christmas party for the Kids' Cafe was a tremendous success due to the hard work and coordination of our Social Justice Team of Tam Le, Nancy Kunen and Melonie Pryer.

The Social Justice Team provided leadership for the Kids Cafe. See the Outreach column for the full report.

The 5th Annual MLK Festival of Service, sponsored by the Walls Project, is set for January 18 - 21, 2019, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. each day. The focus this year is Winbourne Ave. from N. Acadian to BREC's Howell Park. An initial team from SJT made up of Judith Cormier, MiJa Thompson, and Jane Webb began attending the planning sessions at Istrouma HS in September. The group has expanded to include Betty Powers, Janet Moulder and Nancy Kunen.

Please register to volunteer one or more of those days and list UCBR as your institution by going online to and following the links to volunteer registration. List your group as the Unitarian Church or UCBR.  Contact Jane, Judith or MiJa if you have questions. Beyond the usual painting and trash pickup efforts, consider working to request food donations, working a supplies table, or working in the garden area to build planting beds, etc. There's plenty of room for everyone's effort. We hope to bring in a Brake Light Clinic and we need help bringing in a voter registration table. There's plenty we can do to help make this the biggest and best year yet.

The next Social Justice Team meeting is to be announced in early January.