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August 2019 Family Ministries by Kathy E. Smith

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Words to Live By
We play because it gives people the opportunity to connect and socialize.
We play because it energizes the imagination
and can open doors to new insights and connections.

Rev. Andrew Makar, UU Minister

Gods, thank you for mirth, for merry making, for jokes and laughter and silliness. Help us to not forget that playfulness is one of your favorite tools.

Teresa Honey Youngblood, CRE, UU Religious Educator

A Time for Playing Together

What do white elephants and recipe cards have in common with UU values? The answer to that could be long, and complicated, but …

It’s summer!  The time for long, complicated newsletter articles is not summer. And it is definitely not August. (Actually, there is room for debate over whether there is ever a right time for long, complicated newsletter articles, but I digress.) So this is a somewhat serious, somewhat silly newsletter article for a languid, hot time of the year.

Here’s the serious part: we’re having an ingathering potluck this month, on Sunday, August 11 from 1-3 p.m. This is a great opportunity to share a meal, laughter, and play time with your church community. We’re inviting folks to bring a recipe card with their dish so (if you want to) you can swap recipes with a whole lot of really good UU cooks.

And here’s the silly part: at the potluck, we’ll be playing a simple game (Peek) with prizes. The silliness is this: all of you will provide the prizes!  White elephant prizes!  What, you may ask, is a white elephant?  It is an object from your house that is a perfectly good prize for someone, but just doesn’t have a place in your life right now. It could be an interesting kitchen gadget, a card game, a wind-up toy, a piece of costume jewelry, a silly book, or ???  Whatever it is, it should be in good working condition, appealing, fun, and small enough to fit into a paper lunch bag. You can drop your donations into the box in Fellowship Hall any time before August 11 at 1 p.m. There are paper bags in the box if you’d like to make things even easier for your planning team (and more of a surprise for the recipients!).  

Peek is a game I’ve successfully played at camp with all ages from 5 to 85. I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you. I think we’ll have a lot of fun – and get all those wonderful benefits Andrew Makar and Teresa Youngblood talked about! 

Oh, and the answer to that question in the first paragraph? Recycling helps us take care of the earth, sharing food helps us build beloved community: both UU values!