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September 2019 Family Ministries By Kathy E. Smith

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Words to Live By
We believe that the mind, body, and spirit are not separate entities but together contribute to our health as human beings.
One of the goals of religion is to help guide individuals to become their best selves. From Channing Memorial Church (UU), Riverton, RI

Sex Ed at Church? Wow!

We are super excited to be offering OWL classes at UCBR this year!

OWL – Our Whole Lives – is a lifelong curriculum developed by the UUA to provide positive and responsible sexuality education, with scientifically accurate information presented in a Unitarian Universalist moral context.  The values on which OWL is based are self-worth, sexual health, responsibility, justice, and inclusivity. OWL offers accurate, honest, age-appropriate information that emphasizes decision-making skills; education about abuse, exploitation, harassment, and media messages; and acceptance of diversity.  It affirms parents' roles as primary educators of their children. 

I believe that Our Whole Lives is life-affirming, life-changing, life-saving work, and probably one of the best things we offer the young people in our churches and communities.  I am delighted that we have so many newly-trained facilitators at UCBR after our training in mid-August!  

This year we will be offering OWL on Sunday afternoons to elementary, middle, and high school students.  Watch your email for an announcement for your child’s age group, or contact me with any questions.