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October 2019 Social Justice By David Lindenfeld & Janet Moulder, Co-Chairs

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Next Election Date: October12  

Together Baton Rouge is hosting their second legislative accountability session on October 8, at their monthly luncheon at Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church.  Current candidates running for local elections will be attending. Please sign up at the Social Justice table in the Fellowship Hall after services or RSVP at the Together Baton Rouge website 

At our June 2019 meeting, The Social Justice Team voted to go on record as opposing the incorporation of St. George.  To that end we have been assisting civic organizations opposing the St. George Breakaway.  M.E.Cormier of One BTR held volunteer training at our church on September 15 for phone banking and canvassing.  We need a concentrated effort to inform the residents of the proposed area (only they will be able to vote) of the financial, educational and social impacts of this proposal which is on the October 12 ballot.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact Janet Moulder at

In May of this year members of our church who attended the annual Together Baton Rouge delegation meeting agreed that our church would focus on Police Reform.  Several of our church members meet monthly with TBR to work on that effort.  In August, we met with three members of the Police training department to have dialogue on police intervention with citizens of Baton Rouge. In September we have been focused on bail reform. If you are interested in becoming part of this effort contact Abel Thompson at  

UU Asylum Seekers Assistance Program - In response to the immigration crisis occurring in the U.S. with asylum seekers and migrants arriving here after fleeing horrific hardships in Central America, the Social Justice committee, UUASAP, has been formed with the task of determining what our church can do.  Wayne Parker and Nancy Kunen are co-chairs of the committee. We are currently helping a family of four who has recently arrived in Baton Rouge and in need of some crisis intervention. For more information, to offer assistance or to donate please visit the UUASAP table in the Fellowship Hall.  

The My Louisiana Equality & Equity Summit is an annual nonpartisan, multi-day social justice convention in Baton Rouge and hosted by The Justice Alliance, a Louisiana-based nonprofit organization. The Summit brings together hundreds of political leaders, advocates, activists, and nonprofit leaders to discuss the state of social justice in Louisiana while building allies and sharing resources to break down regional and ideological barriers to progress. This year, the Summit will be held on October 3 – 5, at the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge. Registration is free. For more information visit 

The next Social Justice meeting, is Sunday, October 20, 12:45 p.m., church office.