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Perhaps you have noticed that the choir you heard for the Christmas Eve service as well as the services during December was quite large.   This has been an exciting year for growth in our adult choir and we are looking at ways to celebrate this.  

 When our church added a service to our Sunday mornings, we experimented with ways to provide equally appropriate and inspiring music for each service.   For a number of years, we have heard the choir on an average of two Sundays each month.  The choir begins with a rehearsal at 8:45 and sings the complete 9:30 service.  They regroup at 11:05 to warm-up and focus and sing the first part of the 11:15 service.  Since we have been growing and have kept a good balance of voices, we are experimenting with a 9:30 choir and an 11:15 choir.  

 There are some advantages with this plan.  The services will have equal choir presence to help drive hymn singing and to provide more special music.  Choir members can sing at either service, although some may continue to sing at both.  For a while it will also mean somewhat smaller ensembles.   In addition it also means that there will be a rehearsal between services for the later group.    We will continue to rehearse as a large choir each Wednesday evening from 6:30 until 8:00.

 We are experimenting with possibilities.  Nothing is fixed and ideas are flowing.  Some music needs the entire choir sound.   Some music is better with a smaller group.  Some Sundays are special occasions and need a big sound; some Sundays call for a more intimate sound.   We have wonderful musical resources here in our church, and we have a variety of opportunities to use these resources to enhance our services. 

 Most of the musicians you see during our Sunday services are members of our church community who share their skills and love for music. Our music program depends on this relationship.   Anyone who is interested in participating in our music program should talk to me after a service or call me at 926-2293 to talk about your special interests in music. 


On February 3, the full choir returns to sing an anthem by Anton Dvorak, celebrating music and nature.     Myrtle David is our guest pianist for Sunday, February 10.   The choir sings again on February 24, with an anthem by contemporary Norwegian composer, Ola Gjeilo.  The full choir will be singing for the Ordination Service for Nathan Ryan