Dialogue On Race

This discussion program of about 15 people meeting to talk about uncomfortable issues has a decades-long history in our community, and several years in our church.  The uncomfortable issues are about institutional and systemic racism that still exists in our community and perhaps in our subconscience.  The size is limited to facilitate the opportunity for everyone present to take part in the discussion, lead by an experienced veteran of the format.  All that is necessary is respect, introspection and of course, good manners.  We meet in the church office from 6:30 to 8:30 PM for six Tuesday nights, beginning March 5, 2013.

Please register at the Book Table at church any Sunday.  A committment to at least five of the six Tuesdays is requested.  Registration will be closed when 15 people have signed.   Contact:  Bobby Thompson at numbernine@cox.net .