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Assistant Minister's Column

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By The Reverend Nathan A. Ryan


The Pastoral Care Associates are members of this church. They have been trained and commissioned by you. Their role is to provide pastoral care when the need is greater than the arms of your clergy – for example the day when the number of people in the hospital or having surgery is greater than the number of ministers. The PCAs will be an added asset as our senior minister goes on his modified educational leave through August.


As we expand the pastoral ministry of the church we are also expanding the role of the associates. This will allow Steve and me to provide more care and will broaden the base of care. In the not to distant future there will be changes coming to the associates program and here are two of them:


Pastoral Emergency Number. It is important that all church members have access to pastoral care in an emergency, and not just during office hours. Soon the associates will rotate carrying an emergency cell phone. If you are in pastoral emergency, say you are in the emergency room, call that number. Steve or I will be contacted and we will find a way to get you the care you need.


Companionship for the bereft. When a member of your immediate family dies a Pastoral Care Associate will reach out to you. They will be available to you as a resource and as a support. If you want, they can go with you as an advocate to the funeral home, they can sit with you during the memorial service, and they can listen to you.


All too often our culture encourages us to be tough, not admit when we need help, and to not feel sadness or worry. We need to change this culture. This means when you need help, please ask. We are here for you and want to be a part of your lives. The Pastoral Care Associates wear a special nametag so you can identify them.


Pastoral Care Associates - Sue Brys, Warren Frasier Max Gill, Karen Girardot, Holley Haymaker, John Howe, Alice Johnson, Jonny Parker, MiJa Thompson