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Last month a member of the worship guild and I were meeting to plan the annual gay pride service. We talked about this church’s long history of supporting the LGBT community. Then we became curious of exactly how long this congregation had recognized Pride Sunday. We went through the archives and looked at all of the old orders of service and newsletters. The first service (that we know of) preached on the topic was titled “Some of my Best Friends Are…” and was delivered by our Senior Minister, Rev. Steve Crump in 1984.


Pride Services


1985: Exorcising Our Fears

1986: That's What Friends Are For

1987: We Are Family

1989: Gay Lesbian Pride—Why It Belongs in Church

1990:  Why Do We Celebrate Gay Pride Anyway? 

            (featuring voices from church members)

1991:  The Pride Service (featuring two dramatic readings from

           Harvey Fierstein's Torch Song Trilogy)

1992: Glad to Be Gay

1993: Voices from the Closet

1994: Special Rights?

1995: My Merriam-Webster Saves the Day

1996: What's the Big Deal?!

1997: What's the Big Deal?!

1998: A Place in the World

1999: Not Living By Headlines Alone

2000: What Does the Future Hold?

2001: Pride in Progress

2002: The Grace of Pride

2003: Courting Justice: Gay Men and Lesbians vs. the Supreme Court

2004: A More Perfect Union

2005: Pride in Relationship: Authenticity of Heart and Mind

2006: Brokeback Spirituality: The Good News

2007: Pride in Community: Standing On The Side of Love

2008: Straight Parent, Gay Son

2009: Justice or Just Us?

2010: Rainbow Families

2011: Gay Pride: A Short History, a Bright Future (Maybe)

2012: Marriage Equality