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Reflections:  Music Sunday, June 2 showcases seven anthems that the choir has enjoyed singing this year.  The selection process involves some reflection as the choir members choose which seven anthems they each enjoyed.    I look at the lists, tally the choices and find the anthems that received the most votes.    The texts of many of the anthems chosen reflect on something either from nature or something from a life experience, thus our theme of Reflections.   The service will include readings and reflections from the choir members about the music along with hymns for the congregation to sing with us. 


During the month of June, we will hear vocal ensembles and on June 30, Kevin Johnson, guitarist and singer-songwriter returns with his music.


The New Orleans Gay Men’s Chorus returns to perform in our sanctuary on June 22 at 7:30.  Tickets for this concert are $20 at the door or $18 in advance by calling 387-4281.  The theme “Tunes from ‘TOONS” suggests a lighthearted evening of familiar and humorous music.


Those who are interested in singing in the Gospel Services on August 11 should note that the rehearsals for the Gospel Choir begin on Wednesday, July 17.  They will run for four weeks and include a Saturday dress rehearsal on August 10.  This year again, Everrett Parker will join Marie Flowers and Steve Crump in crafting these services.