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Notes and Beats

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The choir has been working on our “Auction Anthem” and this month we are giving our highest bidders, Capi Landreneau and Vicky Smith (and about 11 others who joined the bidding effort), their choice of the winning anthem.   On Sunday, October 13 at both services, the choir will sing Bohemian Rhapsody as performed by Queen, the unabridged version.   This date actually corresponds with National Coming Out weekend.

The text of this work describes the coming out or the transformation of a gay man as he works through the process of leaving behind (killing) the former self as he becomes the person inside that he has been hiding.  “Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth.”   The music begins in ballad style, moves to a dramatic operatic style and ends in a hard rock style.     The performance of this will include vocalist, Jerry Gilmer; guitarist, Brian Breen, along with Leah Hartman at the piano.   The choir serves as back up support to the soloist.   This work is becoming a favorite of the choir, and it is exciting to see it grow.

The choir returns on the October 29 to sing music to help to celebrate the pledge drive for the 2014 budget. 

Ila Stoltzfus, Director of Music