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Assistant Minister's Column

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We have heard your desire for more emphasis on spirituality, more depth, and more time for reflection. To honor that desire, we have scheduled our first healing service for October 13th at 6:00 p.m.  . Thereafter, healing services will continue on the second Sunday of each month.

What should I expect at the healing service? This will be an opportunity for deeper reflection and introspection. We will sing and pray and sit in silence. There will not be much speaking. There will be no sermon and no coffee hour following. This is a time for you to go deeper, to sit in quiet community, and to heal.

How is this different from Sunday morning worship?

Sunday morning worship is the central experience that gathers us as a congregation. It is the main event in our church week. Sunday morning worship includes stories, an offering, hymns, readings, and a sermon. It is meant to inspire, challenge, unite, and comfort. The difference is that the healing service is a more specific depth- and reflection-based addition to the worship life of our congregation.

Who can come to this?

This, like all of our worship services, is open to everyone. Please know that you are always welcome at the church. Although childcare will not be available, families are certainly welcome.

How long will this service be?

Because it is a more reflective service that includes prayer, silence, and singing, the exact time will fluctuate from month to month. We expect that it will be shorter than the Sunday morning service.

Why this service? Why now?

As part of our program-year theme of Going Deeper: Reflecting, Being, Acting we thought it timely and appropriate to offer a spiritually deepening opportunity. We hope you will take advantage of it.

Rev. Nathan A. Ryan, Assistant Minister