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Notes and Beats

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It is March, and perhaps the ice and cold are history for this year.  It did give us some winter excitement and maybe even an idea of how it is to live in the colder climates.  Empathy aside, I am ready to see azaleas, red bud trees, and green grass. 

 Our Usher Corps begins with the first service in March.  We have a wonderful group of ushers and if you have enjoyed ushering and would like to become part of this work, please call Kristie Boudreaux at 273-8040.

 We have the month of March covered with flowers, but we look forward to seeing more names for April and May.   Come to the CCC table at coffee hour to sign cards and to sign up for your Sunday to bring flowers to honor a milestone or a person in your life. 

 On March 2, with the Mardi Gras theme, we will hear two young vocalists, Loren Wilkinson and Chris O’Connor accompanied by Leah Hartman.  

 For the service honoring Will Campbell, we will also honor the genre of classic Country Music.  Music by Waylon Jennings and Gillian Welch will be featured. 

 The choir returns on March 16 with a beautiful anthem by Ennio Morricone.  The text is in Italian, but the translation speaks to the dream that we all can live in kindness and peace to each other. 

 On March 23, the choir sings an arrangement of Bridge Over Troubled Water.  We also hear an ensemble singing “Somewhere” from West Side Story.

 Singer, songwriter, guitarist, Kevin Johnson returns to our services on March 30 with music from his newest CD.