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Assistant Minister's Column

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Welcome to our newest volunteer staff member, Janina Fuller. As our church grows it can become harder to navigate and find your way. It is important to have a guide, someone who can help members discern their gifts and find their place. That is what Janina has agreed to do.

Janina has been active in our church since 2005. She serves on the worship guild, sings in the choir, leads a Branches group, co-chairs the Adult Growth & Learning Committee, and has facilitated several leadership workshops for old and new members alike. She has a PhD in Human Resources from LSU, and has extensive experience as a consultant with nonprofit organizations.

The Engagement Director is responsible for ensuring that UCBR offers each member a safe and nourishing environment in which to deepen the experience of belonging and expand his/her capacity for expression. The Engagement Director works to generate a culture in which mutual caring engenders collaborative involvement, and recognition of each others' gifts provides a framework for empowerment. The Engagement Director attends to members' individual talents and interests, and assists congregants in identifying avenues for participation, service, and development of personal ministry, both within the church and in the larger community.

Janina describes her vision for this position in these powerful words:

“I believe in the inherent goodness of people. I believe that every human being is doing the best that s/he can at any given moment. While there exist infinite expressions of the leader-follower dynamic whenever two or more people are interacting, I prefer to regard leadership as the expression of self-actualization. I believe that, rather than being responsible for getting other people to do something, or with being a role model, leadership has more to do with the willingness to reflect deeply, to cultivate self awareness, and to reach for expression of our highest potential in all aspects of life.”


If you would like to be more involved in the church, if you would like help discerning your gifts or your place, if you just want to meet a really cool person, then you should contact Janina. 

This is a great day in the life of this church. This is a time when more people can become engaged in the church. This is a time when more people can discover their gifts. This is a time of growth opportunity, and joy. I am very pleased to welcome Janina Fuller to our staff.