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 On Sunday, November 2, All Souls Day, at 6:00 pm, the Choir of the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge will perform the Requiem composed by Clif Hardin. 

 Our choir first performed this secular Requiem in November 2011.  Unitarian Universalist composer Clif Hardin set poetry of British and American writers to beautiful and unusual music.    A small orchestra of strings, winds, harp and tympani accompanies and provides sonorities that support the voices and text.

 The work celebrates life while taking the listener through the various stages of grief.  The underlying theme is that we all share grief for the death of a loved one and eventually we will be grieved as well.   The strength of our love eventually helps us in our grief. 

 In late January of 2012, three months after our concert, my younger sister died very unexpectedly.  At least for me, her death was unexpected.  In my own grief, I heard the words and music of the various movements of this Requiem we had just performed.  Different strains of these movements would settle in my inner listening and provide for me some comfort and connection.   I especially found comfort in the words from late in the work that ask  “Joy, how far can you go?. .  . As far as the shade . . . Grief, how far can you go? .  .  . As far as the dawn . . .  . Love, how far can you go? .  . . Through all light and all shade, . . . deep beyond death.”  

 Many congregants who heard the concert and choir members who sang have asked me during these past three years ‘when will we perform the Requiem again?’  

 We hope that those of you who heard this music in 2011 will want to hear it again and bring family and friends.  We hope that if you missed this event, you will want to join us to hear this beautiful music.   The concert is free and open to the public, and a memorial offering will be given and received. 

 Please plan to join us for this beautiful and uplifting concert of Celebration and Remembrance of our loved ones