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Notes and Beats

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October will be a busy month for music.  The Adult choir is in full rehearsal for the Concert of Celebration and Remembrance, to be performed on Sunday evening, November 2 at 6:00. The Children/Youth choirs are beginning rehearsals to add their voices to this concert.  The Adult choir will be singing a reprise of the Requiem by Clif Hardin, along with an eleven-piece chamber orchestra.  The concert will be free, and a memorial offering will be received.

 On October 5, ULL Faculty members Jeffrey George, guitarist and Susan Morton, cellist will provide a variety of music for our services. 

 The Adult Choir returns to sing music in both Arabic and Hebrew, along with soloist Martha Howe on October 12 for the services that look at peace in the Middle East.  

 The Choir sings our Auction 2013 Anthem choice for the Prelude for the services on October 19.   The committee that won the bid this year wanted to hear ABBA’s Mama Mia.   Soloists and a vocal ensemble will sing this choice.  

 The whole choir will also sing a movement from our Requiem concert.  This anthem is a combination of sung poetry by Bhartrihari about Time leading all of us in the caravan of life, and spoken writing by Helen Keller about how as bereaved, we are not alone but we are in a special community that can help each other bear this pain.

 New member and harpist Ginna Paredes will provide special music for the October 26 services.