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 I remember when I was a student at LSU, there used to be a room in the Union called the “Plantation Room.” There was considerable controversy when they proposed changing the name to the “Magnolia Room.” The controversy got me thinking about the ways the sins of slavery are still alive in our culture.

  Next month I plan to preach a sermon titled “Ending Plantation Theology.” I hope to explore the ways in which the shadows of slavery culture are still alive in Louisiana. There are the obvious examples like the incredible segregation in Baton Rouge and the disproportionate number of African American men incarcerated.

  But I’d like to look for more subtle manifestations. Example could be: the design of houses, our cultural food, church, how we govern, and/or expectations we have for ourselves and our community. If you think of examples of this, please email me at I’m especially interested in hearing from people of color and traditionally marginalized groups.