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Notes and Beats

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 November music begins with the Service of Celebration and Remembrance of All Souls on November 2 at 6pm.  Our Adult Choir along with a chamber orchestra presents Requiem by Clif Hardin.  This beautiful work was composed in the 1990s at the request of some Unitarian singers who wanted a work that reflected the values and needs that Unitarians have regarding death, grief and love. Poetry with these themes was selected and the composer was commissioned to write a Requiem for our tradition. The result is a beautiful work that brings comfort to the listener. We hope you can join us for this service.

  On November 16, the choir will sing a song of peace and justice by UU composer John Shea.  The text of When there is Light in the Soul is a version of a Chinese Proverb and the musical style is Gospel. 

 On November 23 the choir sings a favorite, For the Beauty of the Earth, a setting by John Rutter.