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If I were invited to offer a prayer at my alma mater, at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center, this is what I'd say:

Great and loving God, 

Hold us in this time of division and sadness. Hold us as we grieve for our country and our state and our city. Hold us as we try to do your work of bringing justice and love to this earth.  And hold us as we try to understand anger, and hatred and divisiveness. 

And hold us in sadness. Hold all those who have been disowned by their families because they thought it was important to be who you made them to be. Hold all those who have been victims of violence and bigotry and been kept in fear because of how they were born or how they love. 

We know that you are best expressed when we see love, so help us love. Help us love those who have caused us harm, and especially help us to love those who have hurt us in your name. Help us love those who would do us harm. 

And hold us as we try to undo the sin of American slavery. Hold us as we try to undo the perpetuations of slavery – through segregation, needlessly harsh imprisonments, and unfair discrimination. Hold us as we grieve over the ways that many have been and continue to be burdened and tortured by this sin. Hold us because we know that many people, especially the least among us, do not have access to medicine, food, or police protection. 

And please forgive us. Forgive us for profiting from a world that sees people as commodities. Forgive us for perpetuating the sins of slavery. Forgive us for the not treating every person as a blessing. Forgive us for letting our own feelings of guilt and embarrassment around sexuality harm other people. 

Please help us to all work together. Please help us to draw the circle wide enough to include those who will do us harm. Please help us to love those who are blanketed by a decaying and crumbling fundamentalism.  Help us to not give them hell, but hope and courage. Please help us love the hell out of the world.