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    I am making some major decisions and changes in my life, and you, the congregation of our church need to know the reasons.   I will be retiring from the position of Music Director with my last Sunday being May 31 of this spring.  There are a number of reasons why I am choosing to make this change. 

    Since September 2014, I have been on an odyssey learning about my heart.  A few years ago I was told that I had an aortic valve stenosis.  Until I had the first episode of chest pains, it did not seem so serious.  At that point, during those 20 minutes, I tried to remember everything the cardiologist had said.  I will not die from chest pains.   I will experience these chest pains, shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness, and when these things become more and more frequent, and the heart becomes too inefficient, then we will do surgery. 

    This understanding, along with the fact that in January I turned 70 have given me cause for some serious reflection.   It is time to retire from being the music director.  It was not an easy decision.   I have been in this position for about 22 years, growing a program with your help.  During this time we have explored many kinds of music, brought in different musicians, and most important, developed the talent that this congregation has. The adult choir that I direct has grown and strengthened.

    I have felt so much joy in providing music for the services for this church.  The Worship Team works during the week to take the elements of the service and put them together to create a flow and a continuity of energy and reflection.  Each service is a puzzle with pieces to be placed where they will be most effective.  The musical pieces of this puzzle are my responsibility and when the service is unfolding, it is exciting and gratifying to experience the whole.   

    It has been a privilege for me to work so many years with our senior minister Steve Crump in creating services.   Our service style has changed many times, and the current Worship Team with Steve, Nathan, Beth and myself has worked to integrate new elements into the services.   I will miss the informal theological and philosophical discussions that accompany our work.   I will miss chatting with those of you who come up afterwards to say how much you liked something you heard.   Those moments are treasures to store away.  The support of the staff, senior minister, and the congregation for the growth and development of the music program are the reasons we have enjoyed so much music.  This support will continue, I know.  

    In the coming months you will be hearing the choir sing some of our favorite anthems, and on Sunday, May 31, the choir will sing some of my very favorite anthems from our repertoire