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Notes and Beats

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           The choir has been working on an anthem from the late Renaissance period for Easter Sunday.   The text for Sing Joyfully comes from the Psalms and the six-part a capella musical setting was written by William Byrd.   It is complex but very exciting music.  We hear the voice lines both imitating each other and moving parellel to each other.  

     We will hear Loren Wilkinson, soprano singing a selection from the Creation by F. J. Haydn.

     On Easter Sunday we also host three musicians from LSU, Guillermo Suarez, violin; Grant Bedillion, viola; and John Madere, double bass.  They will provide music for Prelude, Offertory and the Flower Communion.

      Cathy McManus is working with the Senior Youth as they prepare music for their service on April 12.

      On April 19, the choir sings a rousing anthem from the mid 19th century American tradition, Hark I Hear the Harps Eternal