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A Note of Farewell

Ila Stoltzfus


    These past 23 years have been an amazing journey for me.   I have learned so much from you as a congregation and from the other staff members.  I have enjoyed working with and for you in solving musical needs of the church.  There is so much talent and energy in this congregation and so much appreciation for music and there is potential for more and varied music.  


    In fairness to you and to myself, it is time for me to step aside. I am honored to know that two very talented musicians have been hired to continue this music program.   I know they will feel the energy and support from this congregation, and take the music program that we have grown together, and strengthen it and grow it in new directions.   I have faith that this will happen, and I invite your support and commitment for this new possibility.   


    And what will I do in my retirement?  I love to read.  I have much gardening to do, a little bit each day.  I enjoy needlepoint and have just begun a project.  After hearing Sue Brys play Ravel and Chopin, I am inspired to work on music that I have not worked on for years because it is too long for Offertories or Preludes.  And the viola da gamba is tuned up and ready for serious practice.  That is just a start.  Travel to Pittsburg to see Nik and Kate, and travel to Edinburgh, Scotland to see Larisa will of course be part of the plans.  This will all remain unstructured, of course, and will depend on health and energy.